Warning - The International Surgeon General warns that reading...

Agent-x - September 23 2011, 11:02 AM

Warning - The International Surgeon General warns that reading Agent-X causes intellectual obesity, conscientization and patriotism among Haitians.

Agent-X entertains, inform,teach and try to raise the intellectual ceiling of his readers while widening their intellectual horizon.

A working definition of intellectual is the capacity to know where to go to pull the relevant information when you need it. It is not the ability to remember everything or being an erudite which is very difficult to do nowadays in the age of information explosion spiraling geometrically upward every nano second.

So, stay tuned with Agency-X-1804 and the Aristide community for your daily dose of knowledge about yourself and the universe.

Even Jean Claude Duvalier, Michel Martelly his entourage and few other cats we cannot divulge their ID at this time in history are becoming addicted to Agent-X according to people close to them.[Wikileaks one day will confirm it]

Unlike the Delphi, Agent-X gives precise, true and unambiguous information regarding the present and the future for Haiti.

Not everyone will be able to understand and digest those information but failure to read them may cause intellectual malnutrition.


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The imperialists have no sympathy and respect for poor and defenseless nations. The Haitians national heroes like...

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