Agent-Y reports the News but does not makes the news

Agent-x Agent Y - September 25 2011, 2:41 PM

This is a reply to jean Pierre Alexandre and his acolytes.

Agent-X is the historian, archivist and Editorialize for Agency-X-1804.

Agent-Y works for the same agency in the capacity of News reporter.

When something happened or is unfolding we simply report it.
We don't make the news meaning fabricate them or distort them for political or profitable reasons.

Thus, we don't report groundless, fabricated and malicious news. Therefore, we are unable to report bad news about Aristide because the world press did not carry negative notes about him. Every time someone wrote something negative about Aristide it turns out to be malicious, outright lies and fabrication such as when they claim that he was a mental patient in Canada.

And, no respected college professor will accept a student paper that contains dubious information from the sources that always write negative story about Aristide.

It might be another academic conspiracy against the enemies of Aristide.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would imagine it is a conspiracy among the press around the world to deify and make Aristide looks good because I am still unable to find negative reports on Aristide by respected newspapers and by those that are reputed for their intellectual probity and objectivity.

That is why Agent-X, Agent-Y cannot find so far negative archives about Aristide.

Perhaps, it is never too late to find some but the universe of printed matter has an overabundance of writing about the Duvalier regime and 99999.999%of them are negative.

When you Google Aristide you find that he is a respected scholar and politician.

Those that dare to criticize him are people with no credibility in the face of the world such as foreign conquistadors, Mafiosi, human trafficking, drug cartels, mercenaries, corrupt military and politicians and some have them are member in good standing in the group mentioned above.

Reporting negative news about Aristide could be as unfair as accusing Michel martelly for the death of Guiteau Toussaint, or the death of the Deputy Dionald Polyte shot dead by his body guard in July 2011 Farah Menard Car Accident on September 2011 or accusing him of causing the rape of the young man because of Martelly you tube video promoting homosexuality Some vicious people might even claims that the rape occurred after the Uruguayan soldiers watched Martelly

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