Une Garde Nationale Tiba and Anti Army Co I beg to differ. We...

Kamoken Scandinavia - September 29 2011, 10:30 PM

Une Garde Nationale
Tiba and Anti Army Co
I beg to differ.

We need a National Guard
We may have had our share of problems but frankly Tiba we are not the rock bottom.

Tiba, do you know that Belgium, a so called civilized nation, member of the European Union has not had a functioning government now for a long, long, long time?

Tiba do you know that the great Empire of England recently had had more governments(up and down) than we will ever have?

Enough of facts...Now Tiba this question of how or who is going to pay for us to have a standing National Guard does not hold in the face of logical and nationalist argument.

It is about time that we stop on formulating questions and never explore the solutions.

By doing so(constantly raising questions) we reduce ourselves to a bunch of little, cursed Nigg...who must always wait for the "white or pink" things to tell us how to live our lives, how to raise our children, how to manage our affairs, how to screw our wives, what to eat, what to wear and so on and--- Tiba and Co-you who think that we do not need an Army you are deadly wrong!...Enough is enough.

We have a population of close to ten millions and we have more than 1000 kms of border with a nation that has killed, maimed, chopped, humiliated and decapitated our citizens without any fear....Tiba when we had an Army and when we had 200.000 Macoutes, they were scared those drug shi...and Prostitutes, we did not have Zinglendo, no visitors, no kidnappers, no chimeres, and Tiba let me tell you we can rebuild a professional Army (or National Guard) the way I have been calling it- with nationalist ideology and the righteous goal of secure our borders, provide security for the millions of us who would like to come and visit our Country and bring a millions of visitors with us.
Let's demand from that President that-- we do not want an Army like the one he was expelled from in the 1980's nor the one that was built by America to murder, massacre and destroy their own Citizens but one that can look at the 21 Century and said we can do it for our children, our grand children and for the Name of the nation that produced the greatest revolution in the face of the Planet.

Pissed off in Scandinavia

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Desir, Hold your horses for just a brief moment here...


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