Jean Marie Desinor is under care of Psychiatrist Dr. Feel Bad

Agent-x - October 2 2011, 2:03 PM

1 October 2011 21:34:10 hour
This is a Confidential Psychiatric report of Jean Marie Desinor.

Psychiatrist Dr. Feel Bad wrote this report.


Psychiatrist Dr. Feel Bad interviewed surreptitiously Mr. Jean Marie Desinor last night.

It is not a breach of ethic since that was done to protect the public.

The interview was centered with the morbid obsession Mr. Jean Marie Desinor is exhibiting toward the worker at Agency-X-1804 and in particular toward Agent-X and agent Y.
Mr. Jean Marie Desinor is exhibiting recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses as intrusive and inappropriate Toward Agent-X and Agent-Y. Such preoccupations lead to a marked state of anxiety and distress to Mr. Jean Marie Desinor who spend an inordinate amount of time over the internet searching for the writings and telling other not to read Agent-X writings because Mr. Jean Marie Desinor has nothing to offer the public but resentment and jealousy.

During the course of the interview Mr.Jean Marie Desinor has recognized that his obsessions or compulsions are excessive or unreasonable and prevented him from showing up to work on time and has a negative impact on his daily routines but he is unable to curb his tendencies to look in the computer every five minutes for agent-X writings.

Jean Marie Desinor was diagnosed with Obsessive compulsive disorder on Axis I, 300.3
Although the Psychiatrist interview was done surreptitiously, Mr. Jean Marie Desinor realized that he has a serious psychiatric problem that currently impacting with his daily routine.

He agreed to continue treatment with Dr. Feel Bad.
There is no need for involuntary hospitalization or psychotropic prescription for Mr. Jean Marie Desinor at this moment.

Dr. Feel Bad
EID # C-965148172-t

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