Pastor Louicesse Dorsaint ask you to do:

Rev. Louicesse Dorsaint Pastor - October 4 2011, 12:17 PM

Get all the presidents to gether to find how you can have:

1-) Lighs all over Haiti.

2-) Roads all over Haiti.

3-) Good drinking water.

4-) Security.

5-) Discipline in the circulation.

6-) Open all Port entry.

7-) Put Cap-Haitian airport (Trou du Nord) international.

8-) Cap Haitian will stay ( Commercial and regional)

9-) A professional School in all cities ( every young must go).

10-) Etablish computer in all administration, No steal.

A good control must be done after the employment, The law can take half of the belong of the employee in case of steal of national items.

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