The Irony of Haitian Governments, Past and Present!

Tiba - October 6 2011, 6:08 AM

Since the beginning of time, not once, that I have seen or heard of anything big projects undertaking by a Haitian government.

The government spends most of its time travelling the world to beg for money and trying to convince investors to come to Haiti, and yet there is no basic infrastructures for those invostors to build on.

For once, I'd like to hear the government is undertaking some big infrastructure projects like: providing electricity 24/24 to the entire country so that investor can run their business equipment, roads so that investors can move their products, a state of the art telephone/communication system that investors can run their busniness because faxing cannot yet be done through cell phone, water project so the investors and the people can use, a street clean up project, etc...

Can somebody please tell me what exactly the government is doing to attract investors, tourist, etc...?

Just going around the country talking about tourism, and declaring the of technology, etc...

is not cutting in. These announcements must be followed by concrete actions.

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