Please people, Haiti has already been invaded...USA is doing...

Bernadette - October 6 2011, 10:00 PM

Please people, Haiti has already been invaded...USA is doing what it does best:The military.

So far they are the best at warfare around the globe, with possibly the exception of the former USSR.
I don't believe we need an army. That money should be used instead for the development of an economically independent Haiti through local production of food and other basic necessities.

Haiti needs to be on its own even if it means surviving on bare basics.

From thereon, we will learn growth at our own speed.

We need a gradual divorce from the States.

I understand the situations are somewhat different, but there are some similarities.

Costa Rica does not have an army, they use their money instead for the growth of their people and Country.

Japan does not have military expenditures and they are doing well.
Perhaps the anticipated money for Haiti's army should go for the development of the Young men and women through proper education and welfare.

A Haitian army at this point in time looks like a repetition of the same old story.


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