Propelling Haiti to the Future.

Gerald - October 8 2011, 6:35 PM

I dont konw rather if my opoinion would attract some attention or important for that matter, however, one thing that i would suggest to President Martelly, if we want to help Haiti move forward faster than the Traditional way, we need to attack some of our probvlem with a different approach.

First i believe we should put our dignity aside and put the Country first.

The Major problem we have in Haiti, "is security".

So I would sugested that Presisent Martelly would higher an Independent Professional Police Commissionair from United State, Canada, or France a highly Professional Person with a whole team. Their main purpose is to established a Modern security system for the wholke Country, that the young generation can adapt and use for the future.

Now, the independent higher can be a retired from a big City like New York, California, Canada or even Germany.

We dont have nothing to lose but to gain, we can even trade that program with the Minustah, use that money to paid for it, Fight Corruption, establish Law and Order, Attrack Tourism for prosperity in HAITI.

This program is similar to the one you talk about, trading UN Troops for Soccer instructor from Brazil, You can even use the educated Haitian Diaspora abraod, even the retired U.S. Military like myself.

It's Imperative that we include the Diaspora in the Rebuilding of Haiti.

I have obsolutely confident that you going to do greather things for Haiti.

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