The Army must be restored to restored order

Lautre Niveau - October 9 2011, 12:27 PM

Haiti is a very fragile state you never know what to expect insecurity remain rampant the country need some type of security .I was in favor of destroying the haitian armed force after aristide return .I thought that would have solve all our problem like many haitian think we thought that was the final solution to our problem .after that we saw opposition rise against aristide we saw our problem is getting much worse than before nothing has change things has get much more worse than the time of the army but i do not blame aristide for disbanded the army the army was causing a lot of instabillity in the country the are the main cause of our problem no haitian can ever remmenber the army we had did something good for haiti the army we had was a hate army hate by many haitian because the do not defended the state .I mean i was not against or for the army deserved what the get because the was doing nothing good for haiti the fail to defended the state haitian is been humulliated from all walk of life because of these nigger we need to make sure we had a proffessional army to defended the state not like the bad army we had before haiti interest come first not foreign interest talking about tourism how can the haitian diasporra visit the country when there is no peace and security we live in fear we need to have peace and security for our country to move forward haitian democracy is very fragile is not something new we have to prepared for the worse let give haiti a chance for the next generatiion to live freely Dessalines say it time it should be time for haiti to much life has been lost for nothing because of political game.

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