We are resubmitting this link because it was broken...

By: Agent-y (replying to Msg 3325) - October 9 2011, 6:12 PM

We are resubmitting this link because it was broken: "Revenant" Pat Robertson needs to confess his sins to Aristide A.S.A.P.

Haiti, Amnesty International and the politics of impunity over human rights crimes
Foreign powers are the principal beneficiaries of impunity for human rights crimes in Haiti

Imperialist powers prepare to keep UN forces in Haiti.


RE: Haitian Vitamin-News 9 october 2011-Part -Bb


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Haitian Vitamin-News 9 october 2011

◙The News for the weekend of October 9th 2011 is apparently uneventful. Our staff continues to investigate...

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