T, I am with you all the way on issues such as local economic...

Bernadette - October 9 2011, 11:14 PM

T, I am with you all the way on issues such as local economic development and proper education.

There will not be any arguments from me. Yes, early 1950's was economically great for Haiti.

But did not Francois Duvalier started his social revolution to best suited him?

The Haitian masses got nothing out of it except repression and death under the skillful eye of America...

The Haitian Elite is not truly our problem because they are too few in numbers to have a real impact on Haiti's economy.

Forgive me for saying so, but I think you are looking at the symptoms of the problems but not the problems at their cores.

America looks at race differently than we do in Latin America and the Caribbeans.

America goes by Race and NOT Color...

It is very true that there was an exodus of African-American during the mid 1800's to Haiti.

They were fleeing racial persecution and human degradation.

It would have been very ironical that after 147 years, they cannot find solace among their own ethnic group.

As a Haitian person, it goes against my grain to discriminate and to ostracize anyone who is looking for freedom and dignity.

The Elite may not be innocent and maybe somewhat careless about Haiti's welfare; But was not our Elite well proportioned at Haiti's eve of Independence?

The free persons of color was 50% mixed blood and the other 50% Black.

What happened to our Black Elite?

How come they are not getting any slacks for not keeping the economy up?

Fairness and objectivity are important in leadership.

I think, we would all agree by now that a military force is the last project we need in Haiti as we can't pay for it. A military force trained by a foreign nation is a very bad idea. Military training is cultural-based.

How can you ask a Country such as the United States who has such animosity towards us to train and fund our military?

Can't you see the conflict of interest here...?

You would not trust your country's top surgeons to foreign hands with your loved ones?

Why would you trust them with your army?

Especially to people who can't understand your collective culture.

Hmmm, An economical revolution sounds ripe to me. We could start by legalizing drugs.

Martelly could make a killing if he legalized drugs and charged heavy taxes on drugs trafficking.

He could also profit from a secondary market such as drug rehabilitation programs for foreigners in Haiti.

I believe you don't give our people enough credit, they are resilient and fundamentally good people.

They need trustworthy leaders who have their well being at stake.

I am still on the sidewalk waiting for Martelly to prove me wrong...

Okay, Okay, I do appreciate his 140,000 kids-to-school and 129 buses-free stunt.

Can he sustain the protocol?

I wish him luck, just as the same.

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I agree with you at 500 hundred percent, but listen...


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