Haitian Vitamin-News 11 October 2011 part-B

Agent-z - October 11 2011, 1:26 PM

Science: Countries with most twins identified
Terre des hommes engaged in disaster and risk reduction in the Southern and Grande Anse departments of Haiti.

While the Dominicans are discriminating against the Haitians in Dominican Republic, the Puerto Ricans are behaving the same way toward the Dominicans in Puerto-Rico.

Puerto Rico: Governor promises to clean up the police The report cited "continued civil rights violations," "the failure to implement meaningful reforms," discrimination against Dominicans, and failure to report and investigate alleged sex crimes and domestic violence.


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Vitamin-News 11 October 2011 part-B This is the balance of part B news from Agent-Z After the west's shameful involvement, Haiti needs a new relationship with the international community if it is to flourish more »

Agent-z says...

Haitian Vitamin-News 11 October 2011 part-B ►Coalition of organizations requests hearing at the Inter-American Commission and demands halt to the threats against Sonia Pierre in the Dominican Republic more »