GOD is with you Michel

Alex Joseph - October 13 2011, 11:42 AM

Hello Sir;
How are you?

my name I Alex Joseph and I'm a very big fan of you and your way of success in life. I listen alot to your music while I was in the US military, to tell you the truth you were and still is an inspiration for me. When I met you in Maribou Cafe in your last performance there, it was a dream come true for me. I actually put you on top of the list of my greatest heroes living on this earth.

Please sir do what you promissed in your songs for Haiti.

Remember you have the people behind you and that's a great opportunity for you to use that to do great things for us. Don't forget to keep that great Spirit that you have don't change your way to much. Keep the people behind you we really love you. Bring the country back on its feet please.

May OUR FATHER WHO ART in Heaven guide, protect, and be with you on this great journey that you are about to take. If anyone can bring this country back on its feet I know you are the one that can do it. MAY GOD BE WITH YOU.

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