Haitian Vitamin-News 16 October 2011

Agent-y - October 16 2011, 7:46 PM

16 October 2011 Haitian Vitamin-News.

◙ The People of Haiti, the Haitian diaspora and the international community are in shock and consternation regarding Michel Martelly recurring explosive disorder episodes, his splenetic, vulgarity and scurrilous behaviors coupled with his low tolerance for frustration has been a cause for concern.

Emergency psychiatric intervention may be needed.

◙ MINUSTAH: Keeping the Peace, or Conspiring Against It [Harvard School of Public Health]

◙ Tracking diseases from anthrax to cholera► Population Genetics of Vibrio cholerae from Nepal in 2010: Evidence on the Origin of the Haitian Outbreak

The Dominion► Port-Au-Prince, Haiti: Students Praise Education and Voice It for All

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This is the balance of the news part-A ◙ defend.ht/blogs/posts/ele-keke-pepe► Preval Asked To Return National Palace Spare Keys-> Several administration officials have expressed dissatisfaction with the ways in which Preval has overused h more »