Education, a mean for exclusion!

Barthelemy - October 17 2011, 9:08 AM

Hi Michel
its a tough question "education in Haiti".

You and I know this has been (along with the land issue, the reason for teh 1st emperor deatf0) the backbone of all the conflicts in Haiti.

And it is something done on purpose, I call it 'school/education prohibition to the poor people".

You know why there is so many obstacles, so don't be surprised nor afraid.

keep up the good job, And don't lose your motivation.

Surrounf yourself whith people who has interest in the revival of haitian humanand nation, fighthing for the poor and the marginalized one.
For being from the north, I take the bishop Kebreau's words and tell you "mete kanson Sweet micky a sou ou pou w fe bagay yo mache".

And when necessary, get some protocole.

Good luck

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