Haitian Vitamin-News Part-B-2- 17 October 2011

Agent-y - October 17 2011, 1:01 PM

Haitian Vitamin-News Part-B-2-> 17 October 2011
◙ VOA October 17, 2011►Misuse of Haitian official vehicles while putting the life of Haitian pedestrians in jeopardy◙► Sweet Micky's Wild Ride
Former Haitian pop-star-turned-president Michele Martelly abruptly canceled our TV interview.

As a consolation, he invited VOA TV Correspondent Carolyn Presutti to join him in a his in a presidential vehicle as part of a motorcade.

They called it "a rare opportunity for a journalist." But it turned out to be "Sweet Micky's Wild Ride." Do you think the secret services will allow Haitian Journalists to have a joy ride in the motorcar of a US president?.

This sparrow-wacko conduct is unbecoming a president.

◙ .Frontline Defenders-org►Dominican Republic: Defamation of human rights defender Ms Sonia Pierre following statements by public officials
Please take action on behalf of human rights defender Sonia Pierre.

Copy the enclosed letter and send it to the address provided.

Thank you for taking action on behalf of Sonia Pierre.

Target adresses: President Leonel Fern

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