Many in Haiti are hiding behind the orphanage thing to become...

Toulimen Legrand - October 28 2011, 5:05 PM

Many in Haiti are hiding behind the orphanage thing to become rich there.

Haitian children become poorer under those orphanages built to enrich others.

They should tax all goods in Haiti whether they are destined to those so-called orphanages.

Haitians need to stop being poverty pimp managers under the orphanage mask. We, in the Diaspora, need to create jobs in Haiti to eradicate the vicious cycle of orphanages, NGOs and Charitable organizations that are aimed to make Haitians become more vulnerable and dependent to the international community.

We need to build irrigation dams and grow more foods to help Haiti stop importing chemical foods that are killing Haitians in great numbers.

Now, in Haiti, we are dealing with all types of diseases and we don't even have cures or treatments for them. We need to think positively to stop dependency in Haiti.

All goods must be taxed so the government could provide services to others.

We must stop collecting junks from overseas to help Haitians.

Create jobs in Haiti for those orphans so they can have a life for themselves instead of making them dependent slaves of those junk aids.

Haiti needs to create jobs for its fellow citizens to become a respected country again in the world.

Haiti does not need NGOs and Orphnages.

What's needed in Haiti is jobs to reduce or eradicate the vicious cycle of aid dependency that Haiti has found itself in. We need jobs and not orphanages or NGOs for more dependency.

All junk goods must be taxed high to eradicate dependency on the Haitian soil. Those poverty pimp managers from those NGOs and charitable organizations must leave the country so Haitians can breathe a new air of freedom.

Long life to Haiti.

Haiti will not perish under a Martelly's government!


I want to no tax on aid to the poor.

I am a pensioner in the UK who is trying to support an orphanage with 40 children -receiving no state and very little...

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