M. Martelly actions reflects the Haitian financial elite long held practice

Agent-x - October 28 2011, 8:28 PM

The same way the Haitian elite, European descents, Middle Eastern descents and mulattoes in Haiti have been reserving the right to disrespect the poor dark Haitian and violating all their basic rights whenever they want and have them arrested, killed with impunity because the elites and mulattoes have the money to pay the police and judges, it is the same way Martelly mulattoes network is treating the parliament and the rest of the population.

If you have any doubts, check the background of all the mulattoes, the European and Middle East descents in Haiti in the Martelly administration and you will find that they have been treating the dark skin Haitian with utmost contempt since several decades.

Ask them to show you the picture of their parents, grandparents and great grand parents and relatives with dark skin Haitians in a non-subservient manners

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