Haitian Vitamin-News 30 October 2011►Special reports

Agent-x - October 30 2011, 10:39 PM

◙ Flash Agent-X is preempting all regular scheduling Haitian Vitamin-News for Haiti and in provenance of Haiti because the news is so bizarre, unreal beyond belief that it defy any semblance of normalcy denuded of decorum and decency that agent-X refuse to accept the news from Haiti this week as facts.

For instance,
► news of Sparrow-wacko Martelly's thugs kidnapped parliament member honorable Deputy, Arnel Bellizaire on broad daylight at Toussaint Louverture Airport while preventing other Parliament members from greeting him and prevented them from using the diplomatic lounge at the airport;
♦News about Thierry Mayard-Paul assaulting by slapping, kicking and punching Security employees at Toussaint Louverture International Airport that stopped him because he wanted to bypass the airport security check.

Such flagrant abuse of authority prompted Agent-X to send an all-points bulletin Security breach bulletin International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) warning the Airports that Martelly thugs compromised the security procedures in Haitian Airports for financial gains and put the safety of civilians at risk..

♦ News about milice rose or Pink Militia acting as predators at the airport and start to shakedown grocery store owners, peasants at various Haitian peasant markets for protection monies
♦ News about a small unidentified Airplane landed on the Nord East with a suspicious cargo
♦ News about a drive by shooting motorcycle aka Martelly's opportunistic warplanes, opened fire at Franklin Guerrier a retired lawyer from Montreal and at his Noel Meriland who was at the passenger seat. Mr. Guerrier is recovering from neck injuries; his fried Noel Meriland who was at the passenger seat died from the bullets

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