Martelly American passport surfaced

Daniella - October 31 2011, 7:15 PM

Michel Martelly knows how to run but he does not know how to hide. That is why he has been unable to keep his pants a few millimeter above his of his waist line. He and his friend at the National Palace will have too many embarrassing questions to answer to the Haitian Senate within a few days.

We hope the National Enquirer, Star, Globe, XXL etc will bring facts about this petit criminal.

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Gabriel Martelli says...

Michel Martelly passport scandal must be addressed and redressed. If he turns out to be a naturalized American citizen, he must judged for high treason, impeached and go to jail for 99 years without pardon. h more »

Makandal Neg Mancho says...

Who cares? The conversation is about criminals in the senate and paliarment. Yes, they are effective when it comes to exclude other Haitians of the Diaspora. That's why they want to attack any one with such arguments. This is their bes more »

Ronald Altieri says...

The dollar bills in the pocket of the Haitian Senators and in your pocket are all of US citizens. Moreover, a lot of the condoms are made in China, and those anybody care? Check this out! Let me get get right to the bone of it, if i may. The ti ar more »

Bay Peyi Ya Chans Li says...

Pep sa kap soufri ya se travay li beswen pou l ka manje, ki te mele l l more »