This subject is such a topic du jour that I think it is...

Bernadette - November 3 2011, 12:36 AM

This subject is such a topic du jour that I think it is important to reply.

Although psychology, sociology and economics are interrelated subjects but they are NOT the same. Mental health is the treatment of an attempt to help individuals behave in a way that is "normal" for a given society or culture.

The methods used to help people think or behave a certain way that best described their culture are theories made up according to certain cultures.

For Instance the father of psychological theory of most theories is Sigmund Freud.

His Theory was based on a very middle class ideology and yes about sexually frustrated people and their relationships to families and friends.

Those theories are somewhat applicable to most White middle-upper classes are not relevant to the rest of us.
To this date, a theory based specifically for people of color who went, as a culture, through the vexing socioeconomic-phase of slavery has yet to take stage.

A culturally-based theory in the genre of La Negritude vis-a-vis the Western world would have been a great start.

We not only have to cope with the aftershock of slavery but we also have to understand how others on the global political scene try to decide our future.

Mainly we are at a crossroads of at least two different cultures.

On top of it all, we are also coping with the demands of modernism (21st century reality).

Let's face it, economic disadvantage breeds mental issues.

When one can't eat or has no stable place to live; How "normal" can one be?

People, food shortage, lack of housing and proper sanitation are universal issues.

Haiti is not the only Country facing those serious issues.

But if anything else, WE MUST feed ourselves, we MUST decentralize.

Port-au-Prince can't remain center stage anymore.

We need to produce our own food for our own consumption so that we can distance ourselves from others and in the process regain our self-esteem.

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