Toulimen, I don't realy have a problem with the idea that...

By: Richelle (replying to Msg 3617) - November 5 2011, 10:03 PM

Toulimen, I don't realy have a problem with the idea that martelly wants to help with the free school thing, but he needs to do that in smart way. First of all, haitian women need to stop sleeping around bringing bunch of kids without prepare for them. It is not like America, where people can be on welfare to take care their kids. He needs to have a program to educate those women, othewise they will not stop having kids.Some woman do deserve that help. Those who have tried to do someting for their kids such as:wash cloths for people to get money, go to flea market selling thing, yes I wouldn't mind martelly government take even $1 when I send money to haiti, to help those kids get an education.But for those women who wants to be a bitch, dress in provacative looking for man specially diaspora men I don't feel sorry for them.They have no shame of themselves, some of them have 2 or 3 cell phone while they could have save that money to pay for their kids education.

Their job is looking for men have sex get pregant and expect diaspora to take care their kids for them. I work to hard for my money therefore, I don't realy like that, also this people are the people that always bad mouthing diapora now we paying for their kids education too this bag is heavy on diaspora's shoulder.

RE: President mouin kontan anpil pou lekol gratis la


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President mouin kontan anpil pou lekol gratis la

Paske san education yon peyi pakapab ale okinn kote mouin kouer roi henry christophe te fer minm jan epi yo te rele li...

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