Toulimen, unfortunatelly I don't believe biracial elites is...

Richelle - November 5 2011, 11:26 PM

Toulimen, unfortunatelly I don't believe biracial elites is the problem.For instance, Jean Claude is not biracial however, Haiti was in good hand when he was in power.Look what happen since 1986 after Jean Claude left haiti.The deal is, those dark skinned haitian who come from nowhere shouldn't never been president of haiti.Such as aristide, who had no money, was nothing, he has education because of the people who adopted him if wasn't for those people he wouldn't known how to read and write.

He was nothing but a poor ugly haitian therefore, someone like aristide become president what do you expect destruction.I'm highly believe that, biracial elites wouldn't be hungry for power to sign all of the paper from the American government to put haiti on embargo just to go back to Haiti, to take revenge on people like aristide did many years ago.This is when Haiti started get into that deep hole haiti is in today thanks to aristide.

Martelly is not biracial, but he's not dark either.

Agentx is jealous about martelly because he does not have the qualification to become the president of haiti.The only thing he can do is to write in rage about martelly but don't worry he'll get over it, and I'm not worry about agentx whatever he may think he is he can not touch me.

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Be careful Richelle, Agentx is among this blog staff...


To honorable president martelly

Hey you dummy go learn about world history do you know how many country will colonise if it wasnot for the haitans...

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Martelly and Duvalier are not biracial people, but...

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