Dear Mr President congratulation

Frantz Michel - November 7 2011, 11:39 AM

I welcomed you TET kale this is a real government as we all can see Haiti starting with free school for all kids around the country that brilliant we really appreciate it but Mr president what is your plan to help rebuild the country I mean not only p_au_p but all the country side as well because arcahaie still have not built for decade and no body say nothing for ville de l'arcahaie where all the must beautiful beach/sab blan nan bon kreyol/stop focus only in jacmel cap haitian these city are far from paup but arcahaie is a real tourist destinations as its only 45 mns or 1 hrs away from p_au_p Mr president can you please just have a look of arcahaie please in your agenda because its a very beautiful place to visit for tourism.

Thank you Mr president TET kale

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