to the president of haiti

Wilky - November 7 2011, 8:01 PM

I would like to see people of our country of Haiti have respect again from any and everybaby, because we are Haitians and we will not let anyones keep treated us as they have been. You are the President of Haiti i like to see kidnaping over to see people walk in the streets with confidents for them to know that there are no kidnapers around them i think you know how to do it when to do it i know that you have alot to do, but security is the main power i, ll keep praying for god to protect you and your family everybady elses in your cabinet i know you have the ability to do it i can, t wait to see it happen rember bad people are always will always around look out for them i hope they are undestand what is going on, but just in case veye anro veye anba. Tet kale.

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