The axis of evil number and statistics games about Haiti

Agent-x - November 10 2011, 6:19 AM

Whenever the axis of evil want to scandalized Haiti, they inflated the presenting problem to denigrate the country.

However, when Haiti needs to fix the problem with money, the same axis of evil finds it convenient to downgrade their statistics overnight.

The axis of evil used 300,000 deaths for several months in the media to show how Haiti bad infrastructure was responsible for this massive death toll. Now Haiti needs money to rebuild the country, the axis of evil claims that the death toll during the earthquake has been exaggerated meaning that Haiti will receive far less money than anticipated.

Since the last three or four months this same axis of evil media has been saying that the cholera death toll in Haiti reaches 6,500 deaths.

Now this number is shrinking to 5,000 because Haiti is demanding compensation.

By the time we will reach a settlement the number will drop to 1,000 or less.
The first nation that starts the denigration of Haiti was England.

The British has a long history of vilifying the third world countries.

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