Agent-x, Dr. Feel bad, Maxime, charline et als

Marjorie Middy - November 10 2011, 5:56 PM

It is about time that we put agentxyzw and his other pseudos to rest. This person spent a lot of time surfing the net to find articles related or somewhat related to Haiti.

In itself, there is no harm. But this person also knows how to make inferences between articles to insinuate or to reference whatever fancies his/her support.

For people who can decipher the difference, there is no harm;But what about people on this blog who don't or who can't make the difference?

they will take what he/she said for real.
Agent-x and your allies, you know you are being evil but some people on this blog may not. You pretend to be pro-Haiti: Prove it. Stop your lone ranger politically doomed Haiti.

I am convinced that you are looking for recognition and understanding.

All of that is possible if you can write on a more positive note. It would also be possible if you did not make this website your personal site of vendetta toward people you considered your opponents.

Once you voiced your position, there is no need to continue hammering the same people and same subjects day-in-and-day out. The truth is your position weakened in doing so.
My point is to help you see, if possible, the damage you might be doing to people of whom you said you love. Some people rely religiously on this blog for information.

What you are doing is deceitfully damaging to them as they are getting false information at best or helping in creating political chaos at worst.

What you have to remember is that some of the bloggers actually LIVE in Haiti...

I am equally convinced that you need help in learning positive behavior and thinking.

This is nothing to be ashamed of. No, really, frankly, this is a learned behavior, view to the fact that you were born in Haiti.

Organizational behavior, team ownership, positive thinking and positive behavior are unfortunately missing from our culture and is part of the slavery mentality as slavery does not teach how to lead but instead how to obey, self-destruction and destruction of one another in a way to keep us down.
Agents et als, you owe it to your public to lead them in a positive direction, no matter what your personal preferences might be...

Nothing is ever BLACK or WHITE, there is always those shades of greys in between...Those in between shades are what good leaders use to keep the crowds moving in a direction best for everybody involved.

Agents, I hope that you will do the right thing as to give your audience clean water to drink as opposed to your foot on their neck. It serves no purposes.

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