Agent x, You monopolize the blug accusing Martelly of a bunch...

Tiba - November 24 2011, 8:12 AM

Agent x,

You monopolize the blug accusing Martelly of a bunch of wrong doing without any evidence/proof and you can't never mention to us and to the world what those charges are. You seem to have a profound personal hatred for the man, which is, in my opinion, very repulsive.

You keep talking endlessly and writing a lot of gibberish because, for most part, I can barely understand exactly what you're trying to say.

Now, anyone who would read this message would probably say "look who's talking." Tiba you're doing the exact same thing.

And my response to those people would be, there is a big contrast between Agent x's rants and vants and mine.

First, I do not monopolize the blog nor dominate it, and second, I usually make my point that everyone understands exactly what I am talking about, and third, I do not attack Martelly personally.

I do criticize The Government, the Haitian Government of incompetence and mediocrity.

Anyone who would not acknowledge the incompetence and the mediocrity of the Haitian government is living in denial and in delusion.

One little observation though!
Even though Martelly is the head of state but the government is composed of the both houses (parliament & Senate), the prime minister and his staff, the judicial system, the president and his staff, and finally ALL elected officials and government appointees.

Agent x, I want you to know that I have great respect for you and do appreciate your knowledge, expertise, talent and all, but you have got to use some evidence to back up your accusation and charges of Martelly.

Because this chicken fight, or this girley beckering that is going on in the government is a prime example of Haitians being Haitians.

In a word, that's what we, Haitians, do best because that's all we know how to do, "fighting among us about stupidity."

Nobody ever said gorvernance was an easy thing but it is worst in Haiti because Haitians DO NOT know how to compromise because they DO NOT understand the concept.


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