The volcano is about to erupt in Haiti!

Patricia - November 25 2011, 4:02 PM

If after six months people want president Martelly to leave the office I said is because the Haitians people do not want change.They want to live in the mud and if they let traitors to manipulated them by telling them that someone else can do better than Martelly, they are misleaded.

After 25 years we have the same group of people who has been in power and look what they done to the country, now for the first time we finally have somebody who cares then you talking about ousted him after six months.

My question is where were you during those 25 years, or ten years ago?."Car il nous faut tous comparaitre devant le tribunal de Dieu, afin que chacun recoive selon le bien ou le mal qu'il aura fait".Just think about it!.

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Tiba says...

Oh Lord! This is the problem with Haitians. Either they just cannot read, or they have no French/English comprehension whatsoever, or they just plain dumb and stupid, and I am sick of it. Where does it say anywhere in these messages na d articl more »

Gregory Lotus says...

well, what do you expect, the so call educated people have no common since, and can't tell them nothing where school teachers telling sutends there are 53 states and the none educated ones are just plain stupid with no will to learn.I'm a proud ha more »