Thug is you Marie Joseph aka Agent-x. People should be aware...

Brian Andrew - November 28 2011, 12:54 AM

Thug is you Marie Joseph aka Agent-x. People should be aware of every new names that appear on this blog should be assuming to be another alias of Agent-X. Now I know. You respect nobody.

This blog becomes your playground and your sand box.
The fact is that if I were to ask you to make an analysis of the original "Respect is within" you would failed miserably because you have no analytical skills.

That is why you paraphrase or quote others and a smirk remark at top of bottom of them all. I must say you are consistent.

Your style does not change.

"Return to the Sender", it's a blog you idiot.

Stop your 3rd grade pitiful joke.
Yes, you made my point clear you understand nothing of what was said and your ignorance is glaringly showing.

I will believe nothing you said about Martelly from now on. Your complaints were all fake. This is illegal, by the way. You are deceitfully and knowledgeably swaying the public.

Although Martelly is a public figure but your attacks on him are excessive and could be considered as harassment, slender, assassination of character.

Don't think you are immune to prosecution either because Martelly relies on the Haitian Diaspora a lot for support and your malicious slender could take away his support or damage his relationship with the Diaspora.

This post is a main site where the Diaspora communicate and you are monopolizing it with not fabricated lies signed by you and all your other aliases that you keep making up everyday.

You deserve to be behind bars as a true criminal that you are..

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Ms. Joseph: You have made my point very clear. You...



What is respect? By standard definition from many cultures, it would mean having a high consideration for others...

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