Haitian Vitamin-News 28 November 2011-A-1

Agent-y - November 28 2011, 7:12 AM

◙ Flash♦♦♦♦Grand Goave, Haiti ▬ 28 November 2011►An earthquake of medium intensity occurred in Grand Goave, Haiti at 02:53 A.M Standard time of Haiti.

The magnitude of the earthquake is still unknown at this moment because the engineers in Haiti have to check their seismic instruments.

The Haitian Engineer of the Bureau of Mines, D. Anglade state that the earthquake has to to be less than 4.0 on the Ritcher scale because other instrument around the world did not report it yet. Precise magnitude of the earthquake is unknown at this moment.

The Mayor of Grand Goave, Joseph Jean Pierre Solam reported that the population panicked.

Property damage are unknown at this moment except that a Super Market belong to Mr. Beloni Stevenson burned to the ground after the earthquake.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this moment.

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