Haitian Vitamin-News 28 November 2011-Part-B-2

Agent-y - November 29 2011, 12:05 AM

◙ upsidedownworld-org ♦Covering Activism and politics in Latin America♦▬ 28 November 2011 ►Interview: Cuba's Health Care Miracle in Haiti
◙ HaitiLives-com ▬ 28 November 2011►CIA ARCHIVES Haiti Development One year after Francois Duvalier left the Haitian Government
◙ Essence-com ▬ 28 November 2011►Coffee Talk: Wyclef's Yele Foundation Comes Under Fire Again.


By Derrick Bryson Taylor
essence.com/2011/11/28/coffee-talk... aon Friday November 25th 2011nder-fire-again/

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