Bad:Mrs. Aristide to be the next Lavalas President

Former Lavals Converti - November 30 2011, 12:15 AM

37 year old Ricardo Ortega, a veteran reporter for the Spanish television station Antena 3, seen in this undated tv image, was shot and later died while covering the conflict in Haiti, Sunday March 7, 2004. Gunmen opened fire on thousands of unarmed protesters demandi

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Warning and Warning to Haitians all over the World.

Mrs. Arisitde to be the next Lavalas President that is very sad news to report but it is very true though.

Warning Warning to all Haitians around the world.

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Marjorie Middy says...

Do you really believe that people will vote for HIM? If people vote for him,they will deserve everything they will be getting. This is where some of us would part company with Haiti for good. more »

Eugene Lambert says...

Middy, I don't want any of the former regimes to return into the political arena. Aristide and Duvaliers should give up to the idea of returning in power as presidents. We are done with both regimes and the one presided by Preval too. The new Haiti more »

Marjorie Middy says...

Eugene: W O W!! Are you writing these things for effect or do you really believe them? I don't want the former repressive regimes to be back in power any more than you do. But what you and I want and what the People decide to do are two different th more »

Eugene says...

The former regimes should be silenced by all means. I am not protecting the status quo as a biracial Haitian person. I am not proud of both mulattoes and dark skinned Haitian legacies in Haiti ok. Both ethnic groups are subservient of the internation more »