Who is Nicholas Francois Duvalier? We don't even know. The guy...

Bernadette - December 3 2011, 12:17 AM

Who is Nicholas Francois Duvalier?

We don't even know. The guy inherited his father's name and this is not his fault.

We don't know much about him except he grew up mostly outside of Haiti.

If he is like his grand father, one would be crazy to vote for this guy. Nicholas F. Duvalier might be a person totally different from his family.

Haitians elected Martelly precisely because he was not from the old crowd, and despite of his inexperience.

That was something new, right?

I don't know the guy ni en pint ni en pentu.

All I am saying find out who the guy is before condemning him. Haiti can't afford to lose any of its children.

Besides, Nicholas has not even said anything about running for presidency.

Remember, It is what the individual can do for Haiti that count, not his family name, his social standing, his skin color, nor his gender.

These are old game and deserve to be put away for life. Let us move forward with new thinking and behavior.


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