Your argument is valid only at a unilateral process with no...

Bernadette - December 4 2011, 2:09 PM

Your argument is valid only at a unilateral process with no complex ramifications on the first world part.
The production of agricultural goods from the third world countries are keenly watched by the first countries especially the ones with direct explicit contract trade with the third world countries.

If they feel, a third world county produces too much according to their charts, don't you think they would set that crop ablaze, or dead by some sort of chemical unknown?

Same for livestock, that country would find their livestock dead or near death.

It has been regulated how much third world countries can produce so first world countries can keep their level of production.

I agree with you that sak vid pa kampe; And that is the reason Haiti can't afford to put all its eggs in one basket.

The Haitian economy has to be very diversify in order to survive competitive forces.

Agricultural sector should be Number One priority, but it has to be done gradually in order to give the first world time to readjust to the changes.

Haiti is supposedly erecting nationally known brand hotels.

Good, let us hope they are putting them in strategic places as not to disturb the existing smaller hotels.

Otherwise it will be the same big farmer-swallow-little-third-world farmer story all over again.

I also hope that those CEO's did their homework on the tourists population that they can reasonably absorb during seasons, otherwise, Haiti stands the chance to inheriting a glut of high rise hotels with not enough tourists to fill them up. Lots of countries survive on tourism.

It is truly a viable source of income.

View of Haiti's past history with tourism and sexual exploitation, Haiti has got to put its foot down this time. The way to do it is that Only Haiti shall direct the flow and type of attractions Haiti will offer.

Heavy fines and or imprisonment for those who do not comply.


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