If they are not that close and how come he does appoint...

Toulimen Legrand - December 6 2011, 1:45 AM

If they are not that close and how come he does appoint Duvalier's son as a political adviser in his private cabinet and to do what?

What advises this guy can provide to Martelly after living 25 years out of Haiti?

He has been appointed to gain political experience to be a candidate later, and I am telling Chantal we will not bring back into power any of those former regimes.

Rich educated Haitians with political and economic experiences like Baker and others can succeed Martelly if we want a good continuity after Martelly.

No former regimes back are expected in Haiti.

Francois Nicolas Duvalier II can put his political ambitions aside and we will not appoint any French citizens in Haiti like Boyer and Duvalier the eldest one. Remember, France stated that Duvalier is an Overseas French Citizen and not a political Asylee as many claimed it to be after the departure of Duvalier from Haiti.

No to a second Baby Doc in Haiti and I hope that you understand it. Nap fouye e nap denonse tout plan sekre tande.

Kenbe la!

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