My DNA was not modified like you and I cannot be homo. I don't...

Toulimen Legrand - December 6 2011, 2:14 AM

My DNA was not modified like you and I cannot be homo. I don't hate homosexuals because no one was born homosexual.

Biologically speaking, homosexuality is not a flavor of the evolution and the creation as well. However, scientists have modified animals' DNA like penguins and certain species around the earth to make others like you believe that homosexuality is a natural product of God. As you were born yesterday, you are brainwashed in believing that way. I am not against homosexuals because they are the victims of DNA's modification; however, I am against those scientists who are modifying their DNA in our hospitals.

I like women too much and I cannot be a homo to serve you ok. I am a heterosexual and I will remain heterosexual forever.

I was lucky for not having my DNA modified like you. I am not against homosexuals because they were not born like that. I want those monster bioscientists to give up to their evil path because it does not reduce at all the human population at all. This process is aimed at dehumanizing certain unwanted people in our today's societies.

Bear with me God will punish those monsters for dehumanizing others.

Last communication ok!

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Toulimin is a homosexual why he is on this blog...


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