about the us dollars that's going to be change

Elie A - December 7 2011, 9:59 AM

Good morning!!

Mr. President Machel Martelly i am writing you this note about the US dollar that's going to change into gourdes.

I really don't think it make no since, when we send money to people in haiti in change it to gourdes unless everything in the country is going to change in gourdes intead of the US dollars.

The country is in gourdes in we spending US dollars.

I've been your supporter from music till now 100%.

I personally think you doing a great job in Haiti.

One of our focus should be in trying to close the Dominican border so we can save some money with people that are crossing the border and i was in Haiti last year i went to a club in petion-ville it was a spanish club i ask for a prestige the bartender said to have prestige the only have presidente that was disrespectfull to me. how could you be in my country in not sale my beer.

pls get back to me.

Thank you Mr. President

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