Reeducating Civil Servants

Serge E Magloire - December 10 2011, 3:24 AM

Greetings Mr. President! You are in fact the last chance Haitians will have to see changes in Haiti, if that does not happen under your leadership, the nation is finished.

For too long the suffering masses have paid for the mistakes and the "under the table" deals of the rich and famous.

My sugestion to you is to create a professional civil service so Haitians understand the "patrimoine" is not their pockets.

I would like to offer my services to help that happen.

I have 39 years of US Federal personnel experience.

I retired in January 2010 and was called back to serve again as a civilian in Korea.

I am in super financial conditions and my motives are not to fill my pockets, I don't need that. Along with the education of the Haitian civil service, the automation of the sources of revenues would allow your government to track and account for them. I also have automation experts willing to explore the needs of Haiti and the US government has available at no cost, large automated systems from desktops to laptops to help accomplish the mission.

My email address is yoo_mag at


Serge Elie Magloire

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Agent-x says...

Mr. Magloire, you must learn that most thieves,corrupt people are seldom rehabilitated. You probably inclined to think that that poverty forced them to be corrupted which is also true, but facts shows that most of those that are inclined to be materi more »