Purchase the 2012 World Map and you will see La Navasa(USA)...

Toulimen Legrand - December 11 2011, 5:54 PM

Purchase the 2012 World Map and you will see La Navasa(USA).

They appropriated it right after Castro claimed that Guantanamo should be returned to Cuba and the Obama's administration had agreed to close that camp and return the land to Cuba. Obama's bosses i.e. the rich conservative republicans, the Godfathers of the Haitian Elites, objected to the return and here came the silence on this topic.

La Navasa Island clearly belongs to Haiti, but the United States took it by force when Preval refused to hand over Mole St-Nicolas to relocate the Guantanamo's prisoners.

La Navasa is a sea level Island and one should have a lot of technological resources and equipments to monitor the coasts of this island in case of Tsunami or any volcanic eruption.

I would not use it to place decent Haitian people who are living in the DR right now. Rather I will use for those criminal kidnappers and drug dealers who don't belong to the motherland of Haiti and any good adjacent islands like La Tortue, La Gonave and Iles Cayemites too. We can get it back through a vote within the Haitian Parliament.

It is incorporated in our independence-declaration act's chart.

The Haitian should pass a resolution and send it to the U.N. to finally reclaim it because U.S. has no right on it. Take care and may God bless you!

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