Starting in January, tout't transfe lajan kap rantre nan peyi...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - December 12 2011, 10:44 AM

Starting in January, tout't transfe lajan kap rantre nan peyi Dayiti, biro'w ap bay lajan sa yo an Ayityen.

Dominicans took Haitians for dummies by drainning of our little cash reserve in food;"Cash for food"
Us Haitians are lazy to farm the land, we rather seat under a tree to play dominoes, drink moonshine, complaining about the land cannot produce.

My question to them all.
I never use fertlizer in my lands, never.

I produce sugarcane for Barbancourt, sometime by sugarcane stay in the floor for weeks they have to send their own trailers to pick them up, i produce eggplants, corns,okras like a mad man in the plains of cul-de sac, i produce in the mountains near Mirbalais almost everything you can imagine.

Very soon, i will grow coffees as my grand-pa used to.
It's a shame.


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