Toulimen, The Illumintati is a secret society but it is not a...

Brian Andrew - December 14 2011, 4:00 PM

Toulimen, The Illumintati is a secret society but it is not a new world order looking for world domination like others like Freemasons and the Rosa christianers?

or whatever.

The purpose of the Illumintati being true is to correct the wrongs back into rights and to bring religions to trial for crimes against humanity.

The Illumintati arose out of the unjust trial of Galileo and others who were not in line with the church's views.

The Rosa Christioners and the Freemasons are two of the biggest abusers along with the Foreign Relations Committee.

These three are secret societies with New World Order agendas.

The Rosa Christioners believe that the world population should be 500 million people and manageable, meaning the other 6 billions of us have to go. What are they up to, we don't know yet. Stay tuned.

Who are on Foreign Relations Committee?

They are made up of the elite of the big 8 industrialized countries, some politicians, upper elite business people, some military people, some news monglers and some religious leaders.

Some people you may know on the list are: the Bushes, Henry Kinssinger, Murdoc, ownwer of News Corp...


New World Order: Illumintati, CIA, FBI, Freemasonry and Roman Club

They have an agenda to colonize the whole world through spying agencies, NGOs, Red Cross, Lodges, Bioscientists...

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