2012, a Moal Junction of the Masses

Jean Ciceron Charlot Char - December 18 2011, 3:33 PM

2012, A Moral Junction of the Masses.

2012, Year of Justice.

2012, is the time to provide a satisfactory solution for the great problem of the Masses, by shedding a light upon the origin of violence and our final disposition, now and beyond.

2012 is the time to search for an ideal theory of government to solve the affliction of all, not for the 7 families, the richest in Haiti.

2012, is time to fully establish justice, and to show the way to success without force.

The election of M.J.M. (Michel Joseph Martelly) has brought Haiti to a crossroad.

For years the Country has been devastated by greed, outside influences ONG, etc. The results of which have been poverty, hunger and illiterate common people (masses).

This election has come at a time to make significant changes.

No longer politics as usual.

Taxes and others, projets for friends instead the poor.

MJM. (Michel Joseph Martelly)

Moral, do what is right, educate, teach self-sufficient, establish business.

J...Joseph...Jointed, Jonction of the crossroad, the time is now. If not, When?

M...Martelly.Masses have suffered, they are sick and tired.

Haiti has survived floods, earthquakes, pillage from other Countries.

this is a Juncton.

We are at a crossroad.

Honorable President Martelly, Putting the cause of the masses above our hurt will allow us to see the value of each of us as we move our nation toward its true destiny in this new Jubilee, 2012-2052.

MJM will require the assistance of all.
Charlot for Konfwat

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