We cannot call for the elimination of any religion in Haiti...

Toulimen Legrand - December 18 2011, 8:08 PM

We cannot call for the elimination of any religion in Haiti because Haiti's elites are champwels' members.

Secret societies are criminal societies and they are not real Voodooers.

They are evildoers and they can be relocated to La Navasa Island to save Haiti from those zombie's practices.

They don't want change for Haiti and they want their mercantilistic economy to survive and dominate the Haitian market.

Haiti should be open to business whether those champwells, bizangos, changos, mackandas and loupgarous don't want any change at all. It is sad to see those elites mingled into those criminal practices and that is why the U.S. elites labeled them superstitious and the most corrupted elites of the world.

One you must know Agent-x is this: Secret societies are not Voodoo at all, they are criminals and they must be banned in Haiti.

We don't need to kill them, but we can relocate them to Navasa Island ok. All Haiti's religions such as Voodoo, Catholic an Protestant must coexist peacefully, but secret societies must be banned and relocated outside of our motherland as well.

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