wow, haiti cherie i love you!!

Bernadette - December 19 2011, 12:37 AM

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to you my Haiti Cherie.

I think I have been too critical of you. I needed to move away from cocoon of comfort to realize Haiti is not that bad off. We can be open for business.

We just have to put our best foot forward.

Other countries are doing just that. They cover up their bad aspects and capitalized over on their positives.

What do Haiti, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic have in common?

They all have more or less high level of poverty, crimes, disenfranchised and marginalized people.

True Panama and Brazil got the resources to move forward...but similarities are stronger than the opposite.

Crimes: Got a bottle thrown at my group - few stitches in my right arm. The guy got arrested but nothing major.

He was out in three days. It was just in the name of us vs. visitors.

(summer 2011)
Panama: Wallet stolen by a pickpocket - not much cash tough - (summer 2010)
Brazil: bag stolen from beach - (summer of 2011)
Dominican Republic: robbery at gun point from a highly popular resort (winter 2011) Nobody got hurt except one guy who wanted to play hero.
Crime rates are much higher than the stats would like you to believe in those countries.

My point was that if they can be open for business and thrived, why not Haiti?

I was taken aback by how heavily armed daily frequented places were. I am talking about places like restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, movie theaters, etc...Just like in Haiti...

In that case, Haiti cherie, open up for business because my only concern was that crime will keep people away. If crime is everywhere than there is nothing to fix. Haiti is ready for business.

Fine, Let's not get carried away. We have to be mindful of the kidnappers...

In any events, Haiti, I love you. JOYEUX NOEL ET BONNE ANNEE.

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Joubert Fontus says...

Kidnapping is because we don't create jobs for the Haitian people and it is a political device used to bring the Haitian Army back to protect the wealth of the rich. They are financed by several political and economic groups of Haiti such as CIA, Ha more »