You are sick of a return of the Duvalier's regime, but this...

Lambert - December 19 2011, 7:40 PM

You are sick of a return of the Duvalier's regime, but this will not occur again.

The experience that Nicolas Duvalier II is taking will be good for him to serve in other positions and not within the presidency post, but I am telling that will not happen under my watch.

If Duvalier wants to return his son to continue his political vision, they will be all eradicated from Haiti.

We are forgiving them, but we don't forget what that criminal former regime did to us. Duvalier is over and as you call Haitian roaches, the latter will bite piece by piece.

A strong revolution against Duvalier will be their extinction like those former Tutsis in Rwanda.

No more Duvalier in power in Haiti and mark it on your watch and you will se next. From Jeremie, Petit Goave to Gonaives, we are regrouping ourselves to prevent a resurgence of any of those Duvaliers in power, and pretty soon Thierry Mayard Paul and Nicolas Duvalier will be out of the Martelly's government.

Wait and you will witness that showdown ok. No more Duvalier.

He can apologize as much as he wants, but his regime is over ok. We will always remember Duvalier's crimes and pretty soon we will build a museum of Haitian martyrs killed by those Duvaliers.

Those roaches will eat you soon and mark it ok

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