I lived in Burundi and in Rwanda as well before the...

Prosper J - December 29 2011, 11:31 AM

I lived in Burundi and in Rwanda as well before the Tutsis'massacres in both countries.

The Tutsis filled all administrative positions as directors, personnel chiefs, executive accountants and administrative managers like the mulattoes in Haiti.

The Tutsis believed that dark skinned Hutus were inferior and they could not hold any administrative powers at all. They colonized both countries like mulattoes are doing in Haiti.

It was a self-internal colonization over the Hutus and they had no other means to eliminate their own slavery and oppression than eliminating the Tutsis.

The international community left the Tutsis alone to solve their own problems with the Hutus because they did not have 50% white blood in their DNA like the mulattoes in Haiti.

They were asked to pass the equal economic opportunity law and they had refused and at the end they got killed by the Hutus.

I know that you are not calling for ethnic cleansing, but is Haiti far from an ethnic cleansing?

Will they pass the required law to have equal represantation for administrative positions for both ethnic groups?

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