All the hatians hard work peace and love can bring a new haiti of value

Gracia Adeclat - December 29 2011, 1:42 PM

Dear Mr President i m really proud that you are stood for us as haitians living abroad i remmenber you in concert and also remmeber one day you got lost in atlantic city you were asking me for direction i was very happy to meet you, not to mention to meet the superstar of haiti.

Mr PRESIDENT As you witness haiti have come a long way, time has changed, people have changed but you were the only ONE jazz that stay in haiti after all you deserved this position because you know the terrain...

change is good word, change is sweet, change can bring harmony and peace, change equal sacrifice .change also egal love, love and love for haiti the people got to love his own coutry .please i beleive you can make that change DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS IN THAT SAY CALMATE SUAVE YOUR TENSION JUST MAKE THAT CHANGE .YES YES YES SWEET MICKEY CAN CONGRATULATION MY PRESIDENT

best regards

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