The Tutsis in Rwanda and in Burundi had set up themselves...

Prosper - December 29 2011, 5:42 PM

The Tutsis in Rwanda and in Burundi had set up themselves their own ethnic cleansing by establishing their administrative power over the Hutus so did the Haitian elites.

All administrative executive positions in Haiti are being held in Haiti by the elites' children and the latter don't really care about poor children and poor people in Haiti.

I told them that they are overrepresented within Haiti's public institutions and they refuse to listen because they believe in the power of their arms. I just came back from my trip in Haiti and from what I heard from the Haitian peasants' movement, machetes will not bow before arms. I don't want an ethnic cleasing to occur like in Rwanda and Burrundi, but I want the Haitian parliament to pass the EEEO law to better administratively represent both ethnic groups, for it is absurd to hear for 100 executive directors only three are dark skinned blacks in a black country after all. I don't know what will happen soon but Haiti is not far to explode.

They will bear the costs themselves.

Elites should not manage the public sector and I agree with Toulimen that they should be in the private sector to compete with the public sector in terms of jobs' creation and good public policies.

If they cannot do that they will bear the costs themselves.

I am not a politician but I believe Haitians now know the root causes of their poverty.

Beware and God will decide the final outcome!

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Prosper,in Haiti if that happen it will be very fast...


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