Prosper, have you met Paul Kagame, the leader of Rwanda. I met...

Prosper - December 29 2011, 6:06 PM

Prosper, have you met Paul Kagame, the leader of Rwanda.

I met him two weeks ago and he told me that he was mediating a peaceful exit with the Tutsis to renounce to their ethnic superiority over the Hutus, but they had refused to listen to his voices.

As a result, 99% of them lost their lives in both countries.

Mulattoes in Haiti need to give up to their administrative power to decolonize Haiti.

It is time for us to stop accusing the international community and I believe they want to help us to a Rwandan situation.

If they refuse to listen this time they will be sorry.

The administrative power in all Haiti's institutions are under mulattoes' control.

For every 100 directors and personnel chiefs only two blacks have an executive function in Haiti.

It is sad to see mulattoes having so much administrative power in Haiti since 1807. The EEEO law is needed to avoid ethnic cleansing in Haiti

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I lived in Burundi and in Rwanda as well before the...


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Dear Prosper, It is good to think in a positive way...

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